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Degree obtained

The SUFONAMA course offers a truly integrated study programme that is already fully recognised in all the participating countries.

Students have to acquire 120 ECTS credits by studying at 2 different Consortium Universities, acquiring at least 60 ECTS credits at each. When achieving the acquired ECTS credits, the student will obtain both:

  • The SUFONAMA double degree: 2 national MSc degrees - an MSc degree from both the first and second year institution. The SUFONAMA Secretariat will forward all documents in one package to the student including the SUFONAMA Consortium Diploma.
  • The SUFONAMA diploma supplement: Attached to the SUFONAMA Consortium Diploma and providing a precise description of the Erasmus Mundus Degree, the SUFONAMA consortium partners, the contents and level of the MSc programme as well as expected learning outcomes and professional status. The Diploma Supplement provides transparency and facilitates academic and professional recognition of qualifications.

In the below table you can see what degrees you will obtain at the different Consortium Universities. Remember that you will get a MSc degree from each of the universities that you attend.#b7d6d8

University Degree Awarded
Bangor MSc in Sustainable Forests and Nature Management
Copenhagen MSc in Forest Ecosystems, Nature and Society
Göttingen MSc in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management
Alnarp MSc with a major in Forest Management /
MSc with a major in Biology
Padova MSc in Forestry and Environmental Sciences