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The SUFONAMA course structure

The MSc Course Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (SUFONAMA) consists of a 2-year programme. Students have to acquire 120 ECTS credits by studying at 2 different Consortium universities, acquiring at least 60 ECTS credits at each.

The first year of study can take place only in three of the five universities: Copenhagen, Bangor or Göttingen. The second year of study is offered at all five SUFONAMA universities. However, students cannot complete first and second year at the same university.

The choice of first year institution is made at the time of application. The final choice of second year university is made in the early spring of the first year of study.

At all universities the language of instruction is English.
The aim of the first year is to provide a thorough and broad introduction to sustainable forest and nature management. This allows students to choose freely among the five specialisations in the second year. The first year includes 20 joint ECTS: Contemporary temperate forest and nature management: climate change and management strategies (5 ECTS), Location specific knowledge and fieldwork in temperate forest and nature management (7.5 ECTS), and a Joint Summer Module (7.5 ECTS) including fieldwork in a variety of sites, which demonstrates a range of forest and nature types, as well as diverse conservation and sustainability issues. The two-week Joint Summer Module field course alternates between the consortium countries.

The second year of the SUFONAMA programme gives the students the opportunity to specialise in one of five well-defined fields in which a research-based thesis is written.




Course work


Three joint courses

(20 ECTS) 


Change of


Management of forest and nature for society

Conservation biology and land management

Course work

Forest and nature management in changing climate

Forest management in Scandinavia and the Baltic region
(SLU, Alnarp)

Coursework Göttingen


Mountain forestry and watershed management


Further international profile
In their second study year, Programme Country scholarship holders enrolled in 2014 or earlier have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship (EUR 3000) that will allow them to undertake a study period at one of the non-EU Associate Universities. During the study period, students can follow taught courses or periods of practical laboratory or industry experience. A study period must be organized with the consent of the local Sufonama representative at the second year institution as well as the thesis supervisor. A study stay must be of a minimum duration of 3 months and maximum duration of 6 months.

Please note! If you receive an Erasmus+ scholarship, you are obliged to carry out activities related to your studies in one of the two host countries, for the entire duration of the programme, i.e. 24 moneths. If you leave one of the host countries within this period, you are not entitled to receive the scholarship until you recommence the courses again.

Since Programme country scholarship holders enrolled in 2015 or later receive a higher monthly amount, it is not possible for them to apply for this additional scholarship.

The application form is available here.